Finding the right memory for a PC upgrade

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Get more memory at!

Before installing Virtual Server 2005 R2 on my already overworked server (actually, its just a PC) which acts as a domain controller, DNS server, DHCP server, RIS server and handles a few file shares (admittedly on a small network – I’d never advise running a business on a single PC), I thought I’d better put some extra memory in it.

I find it impossible to keep up with PC hardware, and at the danger of turning this post into one large advert, I was really impressed with my experience at the website. In a few clicks, I was able to use the Crucial Memory Advisor Tool to identify the memory options for my aging Compaq Evo D500SFF and, although I didn’t use it at the time, they also have a system scanner which can be used to identify upgrades for a specific system (I’ve just run it now and it correctly identified the system which I’m using to write this post).

Another area of the Crucial site that really impressed me was the help text, which enabled me to understand the various memory types (so I could decide whether or not to simply swap some RAM around between my various systems).

To make this post a little more balanced, I should mention that Kingston Technology also have a memory search tool but my experience was that the Crucial version was faster to use and the prices were lower (I suspect this is because Crucial sell direct whereas Kingston redirected me to a third party to actually buy the RAM). Crucial also sell flash memory cards and readers, USB flash drives, graphics cards and printer memory,as well as offering free UK shipping by Royal Mail Special Delivery for orders over £25 and guaranteeing compatibility of the memory purchased (as long as you have used the Crucial Memory Advisor Tool).

Crucial, the memory experts

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