Opening multiple browser home pages in Firefox

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I’ve not been that bothered with Internet Explorer (IE) 7 up to now – I use Firefox 1.5 on my Windows XP machines and Mozilla 1.7 on Solaris, so I already have the most significant new IE 7 feature (tabbed browsing); however, during his Windows Vista overview and roadmap session at last week’s IT Forum ’05 highlights (part 2) event, Thomas Lee mentioned an IE7 feature that does interest me – multiple home pages. This works by opening a number of home pages at startup, each in a separate tab (e.g. corporate intranet, Google, BBC News, etc.).

It’s not as obvious as entering each on on a separate line in IE 7, but Firefox also supports this feature – in Options, General, Home Page, Location(s), enter a list of home pages separated using the pipe (|) symbol.

4 thoughts on “Opening multiple browser home pages in Firefox

  1. Hum… Not sure what you really mean with multiple homepage, but Maxthon (IE powered, ) has this kind of features. You define some pages as homepages, and then they will be opened the next time you launch Maxthon.

  2. Having just taken a quick look at the Maxthon website, it does appear to provide many of the IE 7 features, but is built on top of a release version of Internet Explorer (so it’s available today).

    Whilst it’s only a personal preference, Firefox is my browser of choice (I think it’s faster at rendering pages than IE) but some websites do insist on IE so I make Firefox pretend to be IE) For those who wish to make Firefox even faster, there is something called Fasterfox, intended to tweak Firefox performance even further (I haven’t tried it).

    As someone who has to maintain a site for a variety of platforms, I just wish that all browsers complied with web standards.


  3. I’ve just been alerted to another solution built on top of IE – Avant – which seems to also offer a load of value-added features like advert and popup blocking. I’m told it doesn’t get on too well with the Google Toolbar though.


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