The OSI reference model and how it relates to TCP/IP

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Earlier today, whilst on a client site, waiting for a PC to rebuild (5 times – and I thought my desktop support days were over… maybe that’s why they should be…), I saw a diagram of the open systems interconnection (OSI) reference model pinned up above a desk. I’ve seen many OSI model representations over the years, but this one was probably the clearest example I’ve seen in a while (especially for TCP/IP), so I’ve reproduced it here:

MOM 2005 architecture

3 thoughts on “The OSI reference model and how it relates to TCP/IP

  1. Thank you for this clear “picture.” As a hands on / graphical person, this makes more sense!

  2. Best explanation ISO/ISO model I have ever seen. Most explanations show that the designer of the image did not really fully understand the model. The only comment is that if may be tilted by -90 degrees, because the layers actually stack on top of eachother.

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