Reloading deleted podcasts in iTunes

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Recently, I’ve had problems with a couple of the podcasts that I’m subscribed to via iTunes whereby I’ve downloaded a new episode only to find it’s actually a re-post of the previous one with a new description. After deleting the duplicate podcast, iTunes does not download it again (even by forcing an update) but I found a tip (unfortunately I can’t find the original link but there is a Mac OS X hint that sounds similar) that let me to hold the option/alt key and click on the triangle next to the feed name (when the feed is collapsed) to resync the feed, after which it is possible to download all the missed episodes that are still available. I’ve tried this using iTunes v7.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.4.8 – I guess it also works on Windows but I haven’t tried.

3 thoughts on “Reloading deleted podcasts in iTunes

  1. Thanks for this tip! It was exactly what I was looking for. One thing, though: on Windows, it’s Shift-Alt-Click, not just Alt-Click.

  2. It works with just a Shift-Click for me.
    BTW, Shift-Delete also lets you delete songs from iTunes from a playlist window.

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