Keeping up with the news (plus some tips for Windows Vista)

Clicking through from one of Victor Laurie’s sites, I found Ed Bott’s 10 expert tips and tweaks for Windows Vista – it looks as though there are some nice tips there.

I regularly read Paul Thurrott‘s writing (as well as listening to his Windows Weekly podcast with Leo Laporte) and I occasionally check out what Stephen Bink and Ryan Hoffman have to say but it seems Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report is another useful resource for those keeping up-to-date with the latest news from Redmond (there is also the official Microsoft news is at Presspass, but it’s all so clinical and corporate).

Of course, Ed Bott writes at ZDNet, who have loads of writers churning out news on Microsoft, Google, Apple and others but it’s just so hard to keep up (and RSS feeds are worsening my information overload instead of making it better!) – just thought I’d make a note of it up here on the blog in case it turns out useful for someone.

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