Clearer vision with iSight

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When I originally bought my Mac, I avoided buying an Apple iSight camera, as I figured they were a little expensive; however more recently I’ve been convinced of the need to buy a decent webcam. Unfortunately, getting hold of an external iSight now is very difficult as they have been withdrawn from sale in the US and Europe (if not worldwide) – I had to pay over the odds on eBay to secure mine (until then I’d been using a DV camcorder on a firewire cable) – but even so, I thought I’d publish a couple of links that might be useful for iChat AV users thinking about their choice of webcam:

iSight image in iChat AV

This screen shot was captured earlier this evening using the external iSight camera and even though it was taken in a dark room under a mixture of compact fluorescent and halogen light sources, the camera has done a pretty good job of both the exposure and the focus… although by the look of the bags under my eyes, I need more sleep!

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