Who needs an iPhone?

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I just read about the HTC Touch and, whilst I haven’t seen one in the flesh, my existing phone is out of contract in a month or so and do have to say I’m seriously tempted.

This is what the BBC had to say about the device:

As far as I can see, for UK users, the HTC Touch has at least two of advantages over an iPhone:

  1. It’s available here, now.
  2. It’s about 40% less expensive than the iPhone is predicted to be, without a contract (and just over £50 with a £30 monthly contract on Vodafone).

Of course, it also runs Windows Mobile and lacks the Apple wow factor but I can live without an iPhone. For those who just don’t fancy the idea of running Windows on their phone – there is the Symbian-based Nokia N95, which includes a 5MP camera on it’s spec-sheet.

8 thoughts on “Who needs an iPhone?

  1. Sure, you can touch it – but that’s not why I want the iPhone. I want it because of the interface, the fact that it works seamlessly with my Mac etc.

    The interface mainly. People seem to forget that the interface is MORE important than the actual phone itself, because although you might look at the case every now and then, 99% of your time spent using your phone will be spent staring directly into the interface.

    And if that interface can scroll with the flick of a finger and be as beautiful as the one Apple has created, then you’ve won me over.

    So: HTC Touch? Not bad. But no thanks, I’m waiting for iPhone.

    (Although the price is pretty painful so I might be waiting a while before it becomes sensible to buy it.)

  2. Richard,
    I’m not going to argue with you about UI issues as I’d be extremely disadvantaged; however I already have a phone that works seamlessly with my Mac. People complain about iSync but it seems to work for me!

    To be honest, it’s past UI experience that’s the reason I haven’t already got an N95. I like Nokia phones and the N95 could seriously work for me as a digital camera for daily use (i.e. instead of lugging a DSLR around) but my last experience with a Symbian-based smartphone was not a happy one.

    Like I said, I’m seriously tempted by the HTC, but I would want to try it out first.

    I think you summed it all up though with your last comment – I imagine that the iPhone price may have dropped a little before it makes it to Europe (unless the dollar bounces back).

  3. personally I don’t think the HTC touch can compare to the iPhone 3G. It’s just a matter of dedication and Apple is extremely dedicated to their line of iPhones and their operating system.

    I have yet to use an windows mobile phone that I was impressed with in general.

  4. @Jason – when I wrote this post – almost 18 months ago – the iPhone wasn’t even available here in the UK, let alone the iPhone 3G. Since then, I’ve had two iPhones (1st generation and now 3G).

    18 months is an eternity in the mobile world and, on the whole, I’d agree with you about Apple’s dedication to the iPhone but I really believe that they need a selection of devices – for example one with a hard keyboard.

    There are some good Windows Mobile devices (e.g. Samsung is doing some good things with their Blackjack) but the fundamental problem is that, for touch, people are skinning Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile itself needs to evolve and be less like Windows.

    At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Apple may be winning the PR war but RIM are not taking this lying down – The Blackberry Storm will help them in the business market. As for the Google G1 – that’s just a side show for geeks. Then again, I said something similar about the iPhone 18 months ago – and now look how things have changed.

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