Xtremely Technical Seminars

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If I was asked to name an industry expert on Active Directory, one of the names that would come to mind consultant is John Craddock of Kimberry Associates, who I have seen present with Sally Storey many times on behalf of Microsoft. John has formed a new company called XTSeminars (Xtremely Technical Seminars) and I’m pleased to see that John and Sally are working with another speaker whom I hold in high regard – Rafal Lukawiecki of Project Botticelli.

XTSeminars are a business venture – and as such the events are chargeable; however, based on previous events I’ve seen John and Sally present, I have absolutely no issue in recommending them – as they suggest:

Attend one of the seminars and not only will you rapidly get the real details but also an XTSeminars workbook packed with useful tips and techniques and a DVD with narrated videos of all the demos. Attend the seminars as a sponge and absorb the knowledge. All for a fraction of the cost of working with a lead consultant!

Definitely worth a slice of the training budget for anyone looking to improve their in-depth technical knowledge of key Microsoft technologies.

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