Now you can use a UK-registered iPhone at BT Openzone hotspots for free

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BT Openzone logoEarlier this evening, I was trawling through the fine print on the O2 website (hey, I have to do something whilst I’m eating alone in a hotel restaurant) and I found a reference to free Wi-Fi access from BT Openzone hot spots. Hang on – BT Openzone… that’s new! When did that happen?

Well, according to O2’s Wi-Fi FAQ it hasn’t happened yet but it will soon:

Wireless Hotspots
O2 has partnered with The Cloud to provide you with unlimited access to over 7500 public Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK on your iPhone. Excessive usage policy applies. From 11 July, you will also get access to 2000 Wi-Fi hotspots from BT Openzone.
Find the hotspots closest to you

O2 start page for iPhoneI tried to use the BT Openzone at the Hilton East Midlands hotel last night (7 July) with my iPhone and it worked. Just like at The Cloud, all I had to do was enter my mobile number, wait for the site to recognise my iPhone and then I was redirected to the O2 iPhone start page – which is a pretty good portal for iPhone users and even includes a hotspot finder.

O2 can be pretty shoddy at times but this is A Good Thing.

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