A lovely new tablet PC?

I bumped into Aaron Parker at tonight’s Windows Server/Active Directory/Vista joint user group meeting and he showed me his latest toy: a Dell Latitude XT2 tablet PC. The great thing about this tablet is that it works with the stylus and with fingers, so you can use the multitouch features in Windows 7 but also use the stylus to write notes.

I’ve raved about tablets before but this one is sweet, in fact Dell seem to have a lot of nice computers right now, although I tend to favour ThinkPads and the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 looks good too (besides which: my faith in Dell has never recovered from the D600 I used when I worked at Conchango; I have to use Fujitsu kit at work; and justifying a £1500 tablet PC would be a bit difficult in today’s economic climate)… anyway, Aaron’s written up his experiences of Windows 7 on the XT2 over at his Stealth Puppy blog.

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