Raising parents’ Internet awareness

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UK-based readers of this blog who also subscribe to Microsoft’s UK TechNet Newsletter may have noticed a reference to the upcoming European Safer Internet Day. Quoting from the newsletter:

“To support the day and the launch of the new digital code for children, Microsoft is offering all UK schools the opportunity to host their own parent’s awareness session. These virtual sessions offer the opportunity to host a parents evening with a web cast presentation led by a Microsoft volunteer to inform and educate parents on the technology their children are using and how they can keep them safe when online. To find out more or to book a presentation for your school please call Karina Gibson […]”

[Microsoft TechNet Newsletter, 21 January 2010]

I was able to see Karina present this session a few months ago, and I have to admit that I found it a moving and worthwhile experience – my children are still very young but it certainly taught me some of the issues that children and young people face in our online society and what parents can be doing to support safe Internet usage (turning it off is not the answer!). Consequently, I’m now liaising with my local schools and hope to be delivering at least one session soon. If you want to know more – contact Karina Gibson at Microsoft UK (I’ve left her contact details out of this blog post to avoid spam, but the Microsoft UK switchboard number is 0870 60 10 100).

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