How George Lucas might describe the consumerisation of IT

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Last week, I spent a morning at an IDC briefing on the consumerisation of IT.  It was a good session, but I can’t really blog about it as the information was copyright (although I am writing a white paper on the topic, and I’m sure there will be at least one blog post out of that…)

One of David Bradshaw‘s slides amused me though, and I asked him if I could reproduce the contents here (my anotations are in [ ] ).

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

…an evil empire that used an army of star-troopers to impose CRM systems that oppressed the users

Actually, it was an army of suit-troopers… [called the IT department]

Then a rebel army invented a CRM system that people actually enjoyed using [let’s say…]

Maybe it was just the administrators that enjoyed it… but they really, really did like it. Perhaps the users just didn’t hate it…

How could this possibly get past all the meanies in corporate IT who fiendishly made users work on systems they hated?

A cunning plan – use the Internet!

Our rebel heroes deployed it on the web so anyone could try it and buy a subscription!

They also avoided the corporate meanies! [and eventually the army of suit-troopers had to embrace their decision]

Does this sound familiar?

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