Short takes: checking your IP in Google; writing to a text file in PowerShell; and confirming which IE security zone a website uses in Internet Explorer

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Another eclectic mix of snippets merged into a single blog post…

What’s my IP address?

Ever want to check the IP address of the connection you’re using? There are lots of websites out there that will tell you, or you can just type what is my IP into Google (other search engines are available… but they won’t directly return this information).

Writing output to a text file in PowerShell

Sometimes, when working in PowerShell, it’s useful to pipe the output to a file, for example to send to someone else for analysis. For this, the Out-File cmdlet comes in useful (| Out-File filename.txt) , as described on StackOverflow.

Internet Explorer status bar no longer shows security zone for a site

Last week, I was trying to work out which security zone a site was in last week (because I wanted to see if it was in the Intranet zone, whilst tracking down some spurious authentication prompts) but recent versions of Internet Explorer don’t show this information in the status bar. The workaround is to right click any black space in the website and select Properties. Alternatively, use Alt + F + R.

Check the security zone in Internet Explorer

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