Removing an auto-signature on the MSDN and TechNet forums

Back in 2008, I was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status for Virtual Machine technology. Unfortunately I wasn’t doing enough Hyper-V work (and my employer at the time didn’t understand the value of employing an MVP) so, in 2010, the Product Group had to let me go. Disappointing as that was, I understood and I moved on to do other things.

Every time I post on the MSDN or TechNet forums though, there’s a signature appended to my posts that says “Mark Wilson (MVP Virtual Machine) –”. I’ve been editing manually to remove the MVP text (I don’t want to make false claims about my status) but I couldn’t see how to remove the option completely – it didn’t seem to appear anywhere in my forum profile.

Only after posting on the forums to ask how I prevent this behaviour, did I find the answer in a “related thread” that was highlighted:

“Yes, you can change that setting by clicking on Quick Access, and then My Settings. You’ll then see a section where you can add your signature.

For a more detailed guide including screenshots and instructions on how to insert HTML content see this post

Thanks to Keith Langmaid for that gem!

My forum preferences have now been duly edited to remove the offending text!

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