Somfy roller-shutter garage door stopping part way down

Last year, I replaced ort up-and-over garage door with a roller-shutter version.  It wasn’t new; our neighbour converted her garage so I bought her nearly-new door but that means I didn’t have a professional installer to fall back on when it stopped working recently.

The garage door control system is a Somfy Rollixo RTS and last week, we found that the door would come part way down and then stop, as though there was an obstruction. After winding it down manually one morning, Mrs W was not happy and I promised to take a look when I got home. I couldn’t find the problem – what’s more I couldn’t troubleshoot it using the manual either.  What I did notice though was that, rather than the two red lights I’d expect to see for a safety-edge transmitter low battery indication, I had one red light on the control box, and one orange light on the safety-edge transmitter (which is fitted to the door curtain).

Somfy Rollixo RTS instruction manual has incorrect diagnostics for low battery warning on safety-edge transmitter

I found I could over-ride the cut-out by pressing and holding the remote control button, and set off to the Internet to find a replacement 3.6V Lithium AA battery. First mistake was not reading the Google results carefully enough and ordering a 2/3 AA battery from Farnell/Element 14. Now I can’t return it as I can’t find a courier who works with consumers and will carry Lithium batteries! In the meantime, I’ve bought the correct (AA) battery and, this morning, I swapped it over, after which I found the door operated as it should. That was a relief, as I feared that swapping over the battery would wipe some settings and require me to re-programme the door.

So, why blog about something as trivial as changing some batteries? Well, because the instruction manual is wrong and my experience might help someone else!

18 thoughts on “Somfy roller-shutter garage door stopping part way down

  1. Thanks so much for post, this saved me an engineer call out and immense
    frustration. You are so right about the manual and the incorrect description of battery failure in the edge

  2. I have a similar issue… replaced the safety edge transmitter battery. Seemed ok for a few days but now same issue again. Door won’t shut without holding down the button. Not sure anyone has more suggestions… thanks

  3. I wish I’d found this earlier – just cost me £90 for a call out only for the bloke to swap the new replacement battery I had tried in the door transmitter with a lithium one. dammit

  4. Very helpful – many thanks Mark! Over-ride worked :-). (though had to over-ride twice as door stopped again a few inches from the bottom). Batteries on order thanks to Amazon Prime. Got a few spare batteries too as apparently the lithium ones last on the shelf for ages.

  5. I too have this issue , have people exchanged like for like with the battery or just bought a different make 3.6v lithium battery?

  6. It has certainly helped me, not because I need to replace the battery but because you have told me how to manually override the door by holding the control button down. It worked. So my house is secure until the fitter can get to me. I don’t do stupid things like read manuals, of course. So thank you!

  7. Yesterday, I drove the car out as normal, pressed the remote, and the roller door closed. Came home, pressed the remote, Nothing! Checked the trip switch on the circuit house board, checked the fuse in the plug, no lights at all on the motor box to indicate the problem, so I’m assuming the motor has burnet out?
    It’s 8 months old!
    I’m new to this site so if my comment is in the wrong place I’m sorry, I’ll improve in time.

  8. I have a somfy roller door which goes up correctly but only comes down part way then stops,,,,holding the down button then drives the door to its closed position,,,I have changed the lithium batteries in the safety edge strip but still does the same. Help ,,

  9. I’ve just had an engineer out as my roller door was stopping on way up and down He said my motor had gone. He over-rode circuit so it opens and closes now saying it’s also taken out edge sensors. Not sure if he just wants me to slash out on a new motor which costs £550!

  10. Does anyone have the answer as to why after replacing the battery the door works OK for a while and then the fault of closing part way down happens again. I believe the lithium battery should last for several years..

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