Adding policy pages to McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

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After installing Networks Associates/McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) for a client, I was mystified by the lack of a policy page for VirusScan Enterprise 7.x. VirusScan Enterprise 8.0 was there, as were competitive products (e.g. Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition v7.5x/7.6/8.0).

Eventually, I found a document on the McAfee website, which described that the policy pages (NAP) required to change settings for VirusScan 4.5.1 and VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i were added to the server repository at install time but before it is possible to change settings for other products, their policy pages must be added to the server repository. These policy pages are stored locally and contain the files needed to change policy settings and create scheduled tasks for products.

Locating the VSE710.NAP file was reasonably straightforward (it is contained with the installation source for Virus Scan Enterprise 7.1). Once I had the file, I could follow the McAfee instructions for adding policy pages to the server repository, although with the version of ePO I was using (v3.5.0) the import process was slightly different to that illustrated as the check in package and check in NAP options have been separated.

Although this information is also available in the ePO v3.5 Product Guide, it does help to know that the key to this is a .NAP file. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find this out, so I thought I’d blog it here for the benefit of anyone else…

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