Handy little 10/100 Ethernet switch

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Sometimes, when I’m on a client site, I think that it would be really useful to have an Ethernet switch with me but generally they are too big to carry around (even my excellent NetGear DS108 hub is a bit on the chunky side). GS-SW005 (front)Then, last week, I spotted one of my colleagues using a small network switch, about the size of a packet of cigarettes, with four ports (plus uplink). It turns out to be a GS-SW005 10/100Mbps switch from Gigabyte Technology. Now I’ve got one and it’s great! Although it is supplied with a DC power adapter, it was the USB power cord that sold it to me, meaning one less power supply to carry around. I got mine from Scan Computers although for a £24.68 item I thought £10 for shipping was a bit steep (and even the £24.68 is a bit high considering it is also available in Australia for just AUS$20).

GS-SW005 (back)One word of warning – the product no longer appears on the Gigabyte Technology website, so it may have been discontinued; even so I would certainly recommend it to anyone who frequently needs to create ad-hoc networks for PC builds, demonstrations, or when working in a meeting room with only a single live network port.

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  1. Hi, I’m Jolene and I’m having problems with this GIGABYTE product. I am at loss of what to do. I thought it was a simple plug-and-play procedure to link up both my laptop and destop to a single cable modem in my hall. But it doesn’t seem to work. Are they any configurations that I missed out? Please do help me, sorry to disturb you like this. Do email me at tan.jolene at gmail. Thank you so much!

  2. Jolene, it should be fairly straightforward, as long as all of the cables are “straight-through” Category 5 unshielded twisted pair cables (and not “cross-over” cables).

    In an office environment one cable would be used to connect from the network wall port to the uplink port on the hub, then one more from each connected computer to ports 1-4.

    However, I suspect that if you are still using the same cable that was previously used to connect your cable modem to your PC (without the hub), then it is likely to be a cross-over cable, in which case plugging it into the uplink port will not work. You have two choices: either plug the cross-over cable into one of the normal ports 1-4; or replace it with a straight-through cable.

  3. Mark.

    Unfortunately, this device does not seem to be available any more. I am looking to replace my power cord, which has been damaged. I can find neither spare cord nor new device :-(

    If anyone reading this can help (I’ve tried the usual suspects – distributir and manufacturer without luck).


    Stewart (stewartclark at compuserve)

  4. King,
    I’m not sure where my DC brick is, but based on the fact that this device can be used with a USB power cable, I imagine it’s 5V DC – according to Wikipedia:

    The USB specification provides a 5V (volts) supply on a single wire from which connected USB devices may draw power.

    HTH, Mark

  5. I would love to get one of those 4-port switches too. However, as it appears discontinued I have bought an A-8303U which is only a 2 port switch (1 in, 2 out). This is smaller, USB powered, and very inexpensive. It is available from Ebuyer.com.

    HTH Lennie

  6. Lennie – they certainly look useful (and cheap).

    King – I’ve found my DC brick (and it doesn’t seem to work ;-(). According to the instructions with the switch you need a 6V DC 500mA power source.


  7. im looking to buy a power cable for my mini switch GS-SW005
    went to the shop to get a 5 volt power adapter cable but they ask me what the ampage is for the 5volt power adapter. would you know?

  8. In case anyone is interested – I have been stocking and selling usb powered Ethernet switches (both 5 port and 8 port) for more than 7 years. I used to also sell the much cheaper 2 port switches – but had some problems with reliability and had to give them up.
    Plenty of stock of the 5 and 8 versions available if anyone is looking for them.

    Nigel Hackett

  9. We are selling USB powered 5-Port 10/100 Ethernet switch. The retail price is $19.95USD. You can purchase them online from our website at:


    We are in US, and would like to wholesale to retail sellers (online or offline) in UL or other countries.

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