One last patch for Windows 2000

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Windows 2000 mainstream support is due to end today and a couple of days back, as expected, Microsoft released update rollup 1 for Windows 2000 service pack 4. Full details of this update (including why it is not called Windows 2000 service pack 5) are included in Microsoft knowledge base article 891861 and the problems which it resolves are listed in Microsoft knowledge base article 900345.

I’ve been working with Windows 2000 since the late 90s, when it was NT 5.0 beta 2, and I guess I’ll still be using it for a while yet (as will many of my clients) but for a view on why 48% of corporates are still using Windows 2000, see my decision time for Windows 2000 users post from a few days back.

2 thoughts on “One last patch for Windows 2000

  1. I know you are not a help site, however I do have a question….
    I have windows 2000, with a Longhorn Patch. I cannot seem to install any flash players or Java runtime onto it and cannot see why. Is this a common problem? And if so do you know where any answers are? feel free to email me at

  2. Tina,
    I’m confused when you say it has a Longhorn patch – Longhorn was the code name for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Patches will normally be specific to each version of Windows so Longhorn patches will not work on Windows 2000. If you are unable to install on Windows 2000, are you sure that you have the necessary permissions (i.e. are you running as an Administrator?).

    HTH, Mark

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