The mobile networks didn’t collapse

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Following yesterday’s atrocities in London, it was widely reported that the mobile phone networks collapsed under the strain of those caught up in the chaos trying to contact their friends, family, work colleagues and vice versa.

In a statement from Vodafone yesterday lunchtime:

“The news networks have been reporting that Vodafone have shut down the network to ordinary users in the London area because of the incidents reported this morning. This is NOT the case, although customers will be experiencing severe congestion in the London area. However, [The Metropolitan Police] have asked us to invoke [ACcess Over Load Control (ACOLC), which restricts the network to emergency services only] in one base station in the Kings cross area, and this should be switched on imminently.”

Anyone worried about relatives or friends they have not heard from is advised to contact a special police hotline on +44 (0)870 156 6344.

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