Preview of the new features expected in Exchange Server 2003 service pack 2

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My colleague Neil Chapman sometimes blogs about Exchange Server’s mobility features, including some of what is coming in Exchange Server 2003 service pack 2 (SP2) later this year. Microsoft have also published a preview of the new features we can expect to see including:

  • Mobile e-mail improvements (Neil is best placed to comment on these).
  • Better protection against unsolicited commercial e-mail (commonly known as spam) with an updated intelligent message filter (IMF) and support for sender ID (which has now been approved by the Internet engineering steering group – the approval board of the Internet engineering task force – as an experimental standard, along with the competing sender policy framework technology).
  • Mailbox advancements (most significantly the raising of the 16Gb information store limit on Exchange Server 2003 standard edition to 75Gb, new features for enforcing cached mode, and a new offline address book format).

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