A WYSIWYG CSS editor for SharePoint sites and some useful webparts

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I just picked up a great tip from my colleague Jonathan Bradshaw‘s blog. James Milne has developed a WYSIWYG CSS generator for SharePoint sites along with some other interesting SharePoint webparts like a page toolbar and a spell checker.

2 thoughts on “A WYSIWYG CSS editor for SharePoint sites and some useful webparts

  1. Hi

    Its quite interesting but could you help me out with my problem.

    I want to manage a stick up footer on the website for IE 5.0 +. with CSS

    As you can see 1 on bmw.co.uk


    Imran Hashmi

  2. Imran, Although MarkWilson.co.uk is written using CSS, I’m no expert! I’d recommend that you look at the W3 Schools CSS tutorial for general CSS advice.

    As for your stick-up footer, whilst I am not suggesting you plagiarise someone else’s work, you can get some ideas by looking at the source code for your BMW example to find out where it loads the CSS from, then enter the stylesheet address into your browser to have a look at how BMW’s website designers did it and get some ideas from that. It’s slow, but looking at someone else’s code is a good way to learn!


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