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VodafoneWhen I got my new company mobile a few weeks back, I turned it on and immediately received a couple of spam SMS messages inviting me to call a premium rate number. Of course, I deleted them, but I might not have if I’d known about Vodafone‘s VSPAM initiative.

“When an unsolicited text message is received a Vodafone customer can forward it, free of charge, directly to 87726 or VSPAM on their mobile keypad. Vodafone will then collate a consolidated report of all the unsolicited text messages reported by its customers, which it plans to send directly to mobile messaging regulators… previously customers were advised to contact the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services (ICSTIS) directly… [who] can take regulatory action against parties running such services. ICSTIS has prosecuted several service providers so far and it intends to ‘name and shame’ the operators who currently support the service providers running these premium rate services.”

[Vodafone press release, 21 August 2003]

Even though this initiative is two years old, I’ve not come across it before, so I’m blogging it here for anyone who is interested.

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  1. Someone was textin me constantly and i didnt know them i sent their number to this and now they have stopped because they are scared to text

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