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Have you ever been asked to type out some obscure code on your mobile handset to retrieve some information for a support representative? Here are some of the useful codes I’ve found (tested on Nokia handsets using the two largest UK networks: a Nokia 6021 connected to Vodafone; and a Nokia 6600 connected to Orange):

  • *#06# – display the IMEI of the handset (does not require send to process). IMEI number analysis will show details of the handset manufacturer, type and production date (although strangely, my Nokia 6021 is recorded as having been produced two days after I received it!) as well as handset approval information and IMEI number break down.
  • **21*number# – divert all calls to number (call forwarding).
  • *43# – activate call waiting.
  • #43# – cancel call waiting.
  • 141number – temporarily withhold caller line identification (CLI) information when calling number.

These ones might be useful for Vodafone users (none of them worked for my handset connected to Orange):

  • *#100# – obtain own number (returned in local format, e.g. 07812345678). Number analysis will give a whole host of useful information about a number including the number range, country/operator/network (for mobile numbers – although my personal number which has been transferred between networks still shows the operator as Vodafone Ltd even though it’s been connected to Orange for over a year now), number break-down, network technology type (for mobile numbers), and dialling format information.
  • *#104# – obtain voice mailbox number (a response of 447812345678 VF-GMLRE relates to a voice mailbox number of +44-7812345678).
  • *#147# – display number of last caller, along with time and date (e.g. 01234567890 08:00 30AUG05).
  • *61*mailboxnumber*10*duration# – set the ring duration before diverting to voice mail (where mailboxnumber is in international format, e.g. +447812345678, and duration is between 5 and 30).
  • *#1345# – check pay as you talk balance.
  • ##0021# – cancel call forwarding.
  • 1210 – cancel all voicemail diverts.
  • 1211 – reset all voicemail diverts to the standard setting (divert if switched off, engaged, or out of coverage).
  • 1212 – send all calls to voicemail (e.g. when abroad and receiving calls could cost you money!).
  • 1213 – remove the all calls divert (1212).
  • 1471 – voice equivalent of *#147#, with call return options.
  • 21212 – record a personal greeting.

Another useful Vodafone number to know is for checking call rates when abroad. Text from country (e.g. from France) to 4636 and the reply will detail the cost to make a call from country, the cost to receive a call from country, the cost of sending an SMS message from country to a UK number and the name of the Vodafone preferred rate network for country (e.g. SFR in France).

If anyone has some more useful codes (not numbers for information services), please leave a comment on this post including the handset type and network on which the codes have been tested (no requests for handset unlocking codes please).

Other useful links

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32 thoughts on “Useful mobile handset commands

  1. *#1345# is better for your balance because it is alot quicker and you dont need to listen, you just have to look on your handset

  2. Oh sweet! I’ve just been looking everywhere for these numbers. Didn’t expect to find so many. Can I have permision to copy & paste the above text on to my site when its ready? Just incase your site ever goes down.

  3. Hi John,
    No worries – unless indicated otherwise, the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England and Wales License. Effectively that means that you are free to copy, distribute and display this information and to make derivative works as long you credit me as the original source and it’s not used for commercial purposes (if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under an identical license).

    Let me know if that’s too restrictive.


  4. thanks Mark,
    tried that number earlier but was not working, but just found out that its a problem on vodafone’s side…


  5. Anyone Know a number to call international using free minutes in vodafone. 07744 and 07755 dont work for Vodafone.

  6. Mark, Great usefull site.
    For info, mobile phone numbers when initially generated are allocated to one of the major operators.
    If you change your network provider, and take your mobile phone number with you, the number isn’t actually moved to your new provider.
    A sort of divert is setup within the mobile phone network.
    Your calls are actually routed through the provider who was originally allocated the phone number, into your preferred network.
    That is why when you key *#100# it still shows as Vodafone despite you being on Orange.

  7. I’m on vodafone and I set up call forwarding to another vodafone mobile using the code above (**21*number#) and it worked great. However, I was stuck with it for a while as the code to clear it, ##0021# didn’t work. I phoned vodafone and they gave me a different code that didn’t work either. Eventually I discovered that ##21# works.

  8. Stephen, I’m sorry to hear that the code I gave for cancelling call forwarding didn’t work (I’m pretty sure my source was Vodafone) but thanks for posting the correct code here.


  9. I think the cancel call forwarding code should be

    ##21# – cancel call forwarding.


    ##0021# – cancel call forwarding.

  10. Truly great site, I’m having no problems with the commands given, thanks mark and everyone who contributed.

  11. i wanna kno my voice mailbox number. wat u ve given is wrong. Can u find out the right method
    Bangalore, india

  12. Shashank, the number I’ve listed here works for me. I appreciate that English is not your first language but if you want to get something done then a little courtesy would help…

    …suggest you contact your cellphone company and ask them for the information.

  13. I have 2 mobiles, a home and work and want to forward calls from the home [PAYG] to work contract. They are both vodafone and home one is an old sony ericcson and new one is nokia E71. The forward code from sony will not work. Should the number be 07…etc or 00447..etc? Also is there a cost for each forwarded call? Many thanks for great site. Steve

  14. @Steve – Not sure what the technical issues are but, AFAIK, you will have to pay for the redirected calls, so it could get expensive (especially at PAYG rates!).

    Whenever I redirect calls (via the menu options on my phone), I enter the number as +447… etc. (I enter all my numbers this way so they work wherever I have roamed to (00 is the UK international dialling code but its not the same everywhere).

  15. Beware of the charge when forwarding calls, it can be excessive. I recently got myself an iPhone and decided to forward the calls from Nokia on Vodafone to iPhone on O2. Just received the Vodafone bill and realised it cost over 20£ this month to forward calls. I didn’t realise there was a charge, so will need to find an alternative, but thought to let other people know who were thinking of doing the same

  16. Turn your phone in to a pager if you are on vodafone. incoming Calls answered by an opeartor who send you the message by sms. great when traveling or you want to screen calls
    *122# to switch on
    #122# to switch off

  17. I’m trying to find the equivalent handset codes for phones on o2 network but these codes work for vodafone network:

    *#102# – information on which cell transmitter your phone is connected to (where you are)

    *#105# – information on when your phone last updated on the network (when you were there)

  18. Does anyone know the code or how to divert an Orange PAYG to any number other than the answer phone service? (I am trying to divert to my orange contract phone & Orange tell me it can’t be done – but there MUST be a way surely?)

  19. Hi,
    I was wanting to know if there any network or handset, that displays caller id evan though it may be with held.
    Recentley nuisance calls have made my my life hell.

  20. i have a nokia 5800xm on vodafone contract. I have the handset set to not display my number when i call out (withheld). I would like to display my number to certain contacts without changing it in settings all the time. Does anyone know what number i would dial before the contacts number to do this. Vodafone don’t know. All they know is to dial 141 before dialling a contact to withhold your number but not the reverse. Thank you.

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