Britains Secret Intelligence Service is not so secret now!

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I’m sitting here in my hotel room half-watching Spooks on the BBC, and it reminded me that the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) joined the world-wide web community today (Spooks is actually about the British Security Service – MI5, but that’s close enough).

Not bad for an organisation that the very existence of was officially denied until 10 years ago!

One thought on “Britains Secret Intelligence Service is not so secret now!

  1. Actually (and not many people know this) but way back in 1975 the SIS
    (MI6) was listed in a London telephone directory. Of course they weren’t listed as ‘SIS or MI6’
    but were given an innoccuous title. And (shades of 007)The last 2 digits of their HQ number ended in double O

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