Is the release of Windows XP service pack 3 imminent?

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I heard a rumour yesterday that Windows XP service pack 3 (SP3) will be released soon. I haven’t been able to substantiate it yet, but it does sound plausible.

It’s been over a year since SP2 was released and, because it was such a massive update, many organisations still haven’t adopted it because they are worried about the impact that the new security features will have on their infrastructure.

I guess because we’ve heard so little about SP3, when it arrives we can expect it to consist basically of a rollup of hotfixes since SP2, plus SP2 itself; but its arrival will mean is that, based on the Microsoft support lifecycle, SP1 will effectively be out of support. Now’s the time to think seriously about SP2/3 adoption!

2 thoughts on “Is the release of Windows XP service pack 3 imminent?

  1. Sometimes the rumours I hear are accurate. Sometimes they are not. On this occasion, the rumour was not accurate and Paul Thurrott (who usually is much better connected than I am in these things) reported in a recent Windows IT Pro magazine network WinInfo Daily Update that whilst there will be a Windows XP SP3 and a Windows Server 2003 SP2 (it will be interesting to see how that fits in alongside Windows Server 2003 R2), XP SP3 isn’t expected to be here until next year.

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