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Readers of the HTML version of this blog may have noticed the FeedBlitz details which appeared yesterday under the syndication header on the left side of the screen. FeedBlitz is a service which I’m trying out to provide a daily digest of blog updates via e-mail. Hardline bloggers may not see a need for this (after all, isn’t RSS the transport of choice for bloggers?) but e-mail is one of the Internet’s killer applications and I quite like the idea of getting a single daily e-mail which details the updates to the blogs that I read – and it’s a great idea for people who might be interested in hearing when a site is updated, but who don’t have a feed reader, don’t understand what RSS is, or are just generally confused by anything other than basic e-mail and web browsing services.

If you would like to receive updates in this way, enter your e-mail address below and click the subscribe button for a daily digest of new posts to this blog:

2 thoughts on “Blog updates now available via e-mail

  1. Just one thing I should point out… sometimes I write a post offline then publish it backdated to the date/time when I actually wrote it (or when I started to write it). FeedBlitz only seems to pick up the current day’s posts – not any new ones that I insert out of sequence.

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