Handy KVM solution

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A few months ago I sold my KVM switch on eBay. Now I’m running out of desk-space again…

To be honest, the old one was too big, too noisy, and had 12 feet long KVM leads making it a bit over the top for a desktop solution but yesterday I picked up a Linksys integrated KVM 2-port switch at RL Supplies.

Linksys KVM2KITWith built-in cables, drawing power from the PS/2 port on one of the PCs, and no software required, this is an ideal solution for letting the port replicator for my work laptop and my desktop PC share the same keyboard, mouse and monitor (at resolutions up to 1920×1440). I just hit the Scroll Lock key twice to switch between PCs and my USB mouse even works with it (using a USB to PS/2 converter). Definitely worth considering by anyone who needs to find some extra desktop real estate.

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