My iPod has died

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Just over six months ago, I bought an iPod Mini (then a few months later I started lusting for the new iPod Nano). Well, today my iPod Mini died. I was driving home when I got a call on my mobile phone. I pressed the iPod’s pause button, took the call on my phone, and when I went back to the iPod the screen was blank and I couldn’t turn it back on. I thought maybe the battery was dead (it shouldn’t have been as I charged it last night and had only used it for about 2 and a half hours) but when I got home I found that it doesn’t respond to power either. I’ve tried resetting (turn hold on, turn hold off, then hold the play and menu buttons together), but all to no avail.

At least it’s still under warranty but for any consumer electronic item to die after six months of use is not good. Grrrr…

8 thoughts on “My iPod has died

  1. I think congratulations are in order. Only six months old? Surely you can take it back and demand a refund… then it’s Nano-city for you :)

  2. And on the fifth day, the iPod was resurrected from the dead…

    …I don’t know what happened, but after having left the iPod on the desk (in disgust) for a few days, I just plugged it in again and the battery started charging. There’s something weird going on here. Maybe my iPod is possessed or something! Maybe it’s vetting my music/podcasts!

  3. Same thing happened to me today mate , spent all day stressing over it , finally read my troubleshooting part of my ipod manual that came with the ipod , and it told me to hold down my menu and select button down similtaniously to reset it , and it worked , so im assuming the primative os system these ipods run on need resesting ever so often , oh well glad i dont have to send it off to be repaired

  4. well i hav just had my new ipod for 5days put more music and a video on it for the 3rd time n after i ejected it t paused on the
    photoes ect

    and it wont go off so i tryed to tern itoff and it wont so its stuck like that waiting for the battery to run out but its not so its ovi broke

  5. Just as i thought my daughters ipod had died i tried the advice to hold down the menu and select button as described .Just goes to show a bit of lateral thinking can save everyone a lot of time,or just d o what i did and google it! Thanks

  6. you can also toggle the ‘hold’ button back and forth a few times too !
    besides holding the menu and start button togehter for 6 secons or more

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