Where has the Windows User Group – Nordic gone?

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Johan Arwidmark is a Microsoft MVP, who has published a lot of good advice over the years on RIS, Windows PE and other deployment technologies. I’ve found some of this content really useful and have linked to it in the past but last year Johan’s Windows User Group – Nordic website went offline. A whois lookup shows that it is registered to a company called Lutteman Consulting AB, whose website still links to the Windows User Group – Nordic forum but the link is dead (it used to be available under both the .com and .net TLDs).

I needed that information, so I e-mailed Johan to find out where it had gone. I didn’t expect a reply (and didn’t get one either), so I searched for copies of Johan’s articles that had been cached by Google (what a great feature that is!). In doing so, I stumbled some of the articles, republished on MyITForum, where Johan’s bio mentions that he now works for TrueSec AB, whose website proudly proclaims (under news from 16 September 2005) that:

“Sveriges främsta expert inom deployment är rekryterad till TrueSec. Johan är en av fÃ¥ i världen utsedd till Microsoft MVP pÃ¥ deployment.Johans kompetens förstärker TrueSecs förmÃ¥ga att leverera optimerade klient och serverinstallationer för kunder med behov av säkerhet.”

For those who don’t read Swedish, that roughly translates to say that Sweden’s foremost expert in deployment has been recruited to TrueSec, before continuing that Johan was nominated as a Microsoft MVP on deployment in a global poll and his competency enhances TrueSec’s power to deliver optimised client and server installations for clients who need security.

Anyway, for those who don’t want to be cybersleuths, tracking down lost information (I got lucky really), for Windows User Group – Nordic, check out Google’s cached results.

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