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This blog is overdue for redesign, but I barely have time to write posts at the moment so a new layout (using improved CSS and standards-compliant XHTML) will be a while coming yet; however I have been tinkering a little bit with the template and I just added bookmark links on the bottom of each post.

The trouble with social bookmarking sites and customised start pages is that there are so many of them – I used (now renamed Windows Live) for a while, I have a Google personalised home page (that I don’t really use) and last night I had a play around with Protopage.

3spots has provided icons and details for over a hundred bookmark buttons but for now I’ve just put in, Digg Digg, Google Google Bookmarks, Technorati Technorati Favorites, Windows Windows Live and Yahoo Yahoo MyWeb.

Note that the 3spots site uses a Creative Commons attribution non-commercial sharealike licence and, even though I haven’t got around to switching this site over to Creative Commons yet, any reuse of the, Google, Technorati, Windows and Yahoo icons above is subject to the same terms (I got the Digg one from Digg).

It looks a bit messy right now so I may adjust the layout slightly over time but please let me know if there is another one that you’d really like to see and, if there is enough interest, I’ll add it.

Finally, if I write something that you think might be interesting to others, please click on the Digg Digg It! link.

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