VMware Fusion does not play well with a Wacom tablet

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VMware FusionI’ve spent a good chunk of this evening trying to build a Windows XP virtual machine within VMware Fusion and struggling to direct any keyboard input to the VM. Eventually I found the answer on a VMware forum thread but, as you need to be logged in to view it, I’m reposting the solution here…

Quoting from the forum thread:

“It transpires that Fusion really doesn’t cope well with my having a Wacom device attached to the system. Unplug that – and everything starts working fine!”

Thanks to leE_b for that fix.

4 thoughts on “VMware Fusion does not play well with a Wacom tablet

  1. Just started having a play with Fusion on my MacBook Pro, have managed to get XP running in a VM. Slightly off topic to your original post but can you advise of a guide on how to enable the XP OS VM to use my wireless internet connection that my MAc uses, not sure if this is even possible…

  2. David,
    As far as I can see, Fusion doesn’t seem to have the option af adding additional hardware (e.g. another network card) so configuring it to use your wifi connection could be difficult (if it is even possible) – I’m no expert though… I would suggest asking the question at the Fusion Beta Discussion on the VMware Community Forums – there are some guys over there who really seem to know their stuff and who have helped me out a few times.

  3. According to VMware’s Ben Gertzfield, the issue with the Wacom tablet has been identified and fixed for the next beta release of VMware Fusion.

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