5 thoughts on “Bizarre use for old networking hardware

  1. Hi Mark, I’m intrigued by this, and not being a networking guru I’m wondering how this works?


  2. Hi Mark, I’m intruiged by this, not being a networking guru, I’m wondering how this is working… Is the switch just treating the TV signal as it would an ethernet signal & boosting it?



  3. Hi Jim,
    I’m not really a networks or electronics guru myself but I figure that the small magnetic aerial was effectively being extended by the big metal box full of electronics that it had been stuck on the side of. The switch was actually just sitting there doing nothing – the TV signal itself wasn’t cabled through it and I don’t even think the power was on but it made a huge difference from the point of view of increasing the signal strength!


  4. Thanks for the reply Mark… I see now, the aerial is just on the side!!! So the switch was acting as an aerial as well….

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