SSH addendum

Since my recent posts about using SSH to securely remote administer Mac OS X, Linux and Windows computers, a couple of extra points have come up that are probably worth noting:

  • To use the console interactively, it may be better to use PuTTY (putty) than PuTTY Link (plink). In seems that PuTTY Link is fine for setting up a tunnel and then connecting using VNC, RDP or another remote control method but I found that control codes were echoed to the console window when I connected to a Linux of Windows computer and the command line experience was generally better using PuTTY interactively. This is because (quoting from the PuTTY documentation) “The output sent by the server will be written straight to your command prompt window, which will most likely not interpret terminal control codes in the way the server expects it to […] Interactive connections like this are not the main point of Plink”.
  • For another method of generating SSH keys, an online SSH key generator is available (I haven’t tried it myself).

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