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I just stumbled upon Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror blog and it’s very interesting reading (even for those of us who write very little code). The article that I found was commenting on Jakob Nielsen’s latest tome on web usability. Although Nielsen makes some valid points, the comments are worth a read as they highlight some of the real compromises that website designers and website developers have to make.

I’m sure I could lose many hours reading Jeff’s writing but they all seem well-informed, to the point and interesting… these were just a few of the posts that grabbed my attention this afternoon:

  • When in doubt, make it public looks at how Web 2.0 is really just creating websites out of old Unix commands and that the new business models are really about taking what was once private and making it public!
  • SEOs: the new pornographers of the web looks at how much of the real search engine optimisation is just good web development and that many of the organisations focusing on SEO are all about money and connections – whether or not the assertions that Jeff makes in his post are correct, it’s an interesting view and certainly seems to have a lot of SEOs fighting their corner.
  • Why does Vista use all my memory? looks at how Windows Vista’s approach to memory management (a feature called SuperFetch) and how grabbing all the available memory to use it as a big cache is not necessarily a bad thing.

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