Improvements in Windows Server 2008 DNS

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Windows administrators have been waiting to see the back of WINS for years but many applications still rely on single name lables (and multiple DNS name suffixes can become unwieldy). Windows Server 2008 DNS will provide an alternative through its GlobalNames zone (one of several improvements in Windows Server 2008 DNS).

Although it’s not listed in the article linked above, I understand (from Scotty McLeod) that Windows Server 2008 DNS allows the application of a conditional forward (globally – i.e. to all DNS servers) at the domain level; unfortunately, forwarder information still has to be defined on a server-by-server basis.

2 thoughts on “Improvements in Windows Server 2008 DNS

  1. I’ve accessed facebook from my mobile’s internet for several months now but cant access no more due to no dns server, anyway of getting round this?

  2. Gemma, it’s a bit off topic for this post but try Having said that, DNS is pretty fundamental to the way that the Internet works – I’d ask O2 (who appear to be your service provider, based on your IP address) to tell you why its suddenly stopped working… HTH, Mark

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