Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM without domain administrator rights

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I recently inherited the task of designing the infrastructure for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 implementation. After being briefed by the consultancy partner that we are using for the application customisation and reading Microsoft’s implementation guide I was fairly comfortable with the basic principles but I was also alarmed that the product seems to require installation to be carried out using an account with Domain Admins permissions. There’s no way that I will be granted those rights on our corporate Active Directory (and nor should I be) – too many applications seem to require elevated permissions for service accounts and it makes life very difficult when trying to define a delegation policy for Active Directory administration.

Regardless of the assurances I was given that Domain Admins rights are only required to carry out the installation (and subsequent updates) and that the account can be relegated to a standard domain user afterwards, I felt that there must be a way around this – surely the groups that the CRM installation creates can be pre-staged somehow, or that a organizational unit can be created with delegated rights to create and manage objects?

It seems the answer to my question is yes – I’ve now been pointed in the direction of Microsoft knowledge base article 908984 which describes how to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 as a user who is not a domain administrator by using the minimum required permissions.

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