Recipe for (a few minutes of) peace and quiet on a Saturday morning…

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Picture the situation… it’s early in the morning, you’re in a hotel room en route to a holiday destination, were travelling until late at night, had a bad night’s sleep and your 3 year-old son wakes up his 1 year-old brother, in the process forcing the whole family to start their day.

Here’s a recipe that I recommend:

  1. MaplinTake one iPod with Video, loaded with Thomas the Tank Engine (or other suitable Childrens’ TV) MP4s, one Apple iPod AV cable and a phono to SCART adapter from Maplin.
  2. Plug the iPod into the hotel room TV using the cable (and adapter, if necessary), turn on the television and select the AV channel.
  3. Play selected MP4s from the iPod to the children whilst consuming a suitable caffeinated beverage in an attempt to regain some sense of normality.
  4. Start your day in a slightly better mood.

I knew there was a reason I’d spent so much time getting my iPod working with the TV a week or so back! I believe that my wife’s exact word was “inspired”.

(Just before someone calls the social services, I should point out that my children get lots of one on one attention and babysitting by TV is only used in extreme circumstances!)

2 thoughts on “Recipe for (a few minutes of) peace and quiet on a Saturday morning…

  1. Excellent tip ;> !
    (Found your blog googling “switching to mac”, and we’ll be visiting regularly; thanks for tips and comments on Macs which are practical and understandable by pc users)

  2. Thanks Mark,
    My content varies quite a lot depending on what I’m working with – sometimes there will be a load of Mac stuff, then I’ll lurch off towards Linux for a day or so, and then there might be a bit on the Microsoft products that I work with – hopefully I’ll provide enough Mac switcher posts for you in the mix!

    Cheers, Mark

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