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Apple iPhone (UK model)So I did it, I bought an iPhone – two in fact: one whilst I was in the States earlier this week, which I then returned because once the sales tax was added it was nearly as expensive as buying one in the UK and the risk of having a brick on my hands was too great if the AT&T unlock went wrong; the second a few minutes ago from an O2 store close to where I live.

As for all the people who queued up to get one – why? I just waited until the kids were in bed, drove into town and strolled in to the store with no queues whatsoever. One question I do have though… if, as reported, this handset is not subsidised, then why did O2 advise me to buy additional insurance because a replacement unit if this gets lost, stolen or damaged (outside the warranty conditions) will be £600 rather than £269?

4 thoughts on “Say hello to iPhone

  1. Did you get the extra insurance or does your house contents insurance cover it?

    How was the purchasing experience? Did they make you bend over? ;/

  2. I took it out (on the basis that I can cancel it at any time… like after I’ve checked my home contents cover) because I was advised that it was only available then – and not post-purchase.

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