Windows Live OneCare 2.0… proof readers required?

Overnight, I received an e-mail from the Windows Live OneCare team announcing the end of the OneCare 2.0 beta. That’s good news (OneCare is not exactly inexpensive and new features would be welcome) but then I read a bit more closely:

[…] Beta to Close at End of December 2007
We wanted to give you an advance notice that the (v2.0) beta will be closing at the end of February […] To thank you for your participation, we’re extending a special introductory offer […] at 39.95 AUD for a year[…]

[Emphasis added by the author]

Let’s just hope that the beta testing was better than the proof reading and mail merge on the communications. I have a e-mail address and I haven’t lived in Australia for six years. At least when I click on the link the special price is £14.99 (i.e. pounds sterling).

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