Windows Server 2008 moves a step closer to release

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I don’t normally cover new product releases here but there are one or two products on the horizon that are what might be considered "significant releases".

The first of these is Windows Server 2008 and around about now, Microsoft is due to announce release candidate 1 (RC1), marking another step forward towards product release (and launch in February 2008).

Windows Server 2008 RC1 doesn’t include any major build updates (compared to RC0) but it also coincides with Windows Vista service pack 1 (SP1) RC1, effectively bringing Windows Vista onto the same codebase as Windows Server 2008.

Also on track for launch in the same timeframe as Vista SP1 is Windows XP SP3 (whilst I’ve not seen any details yet on the ship date for this, I expect it to be made available at around about the same time as Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008).

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