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My new notebook PC has an Intel X3100 integrated graphics chipset and it seems that Intel graphics drivers include a feature whereby holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys together with a directional arrow key will rotate the display:

Ctrl+Alt+left = rotate display to lie down to the left (270° position)
Ctrl+Alt+right = rotate display to lie down to the right (90° position)
Ctrl+Alt+down = flip display upside down (180° position)
Ctrl+Alt+up = rotate display to normal position (0° position)

I’ve never come across this before but it’s a real pain as the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection also uses Ctrl+Alt+left by default to release the mouse when integration components are not installed. Luckily Alt+Tab will also break out of the VM and the hotkey can be changed in the Hyper-V settings.

6 thoughts on “Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys

  1. This is a common feature on some models of Dell Optiplex too. Sure as hell confuses users when they hit the magic key combination by mistake…

  2. Hi Mark,
    School kids love this. Just find the hkcmd.exe in your startup hive on the PC and remove it. This will stop that key combination working. Great blog, nice to be able to contribute a bit after reading for so long! Lee

  3. I’m a bit confused but this sounds like it might be a bit of fun. Can anyone do this, I’ve tried on my inspiron laptop but it doesn’t work, is there a way to make it happen?

  4. @Irish – in order for this to work you’ll need Intel’s drivers for one of their graphics chipsets. If it doesn’t happen, then you probably haven’t got one of those things!

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