Customising Windows Server 2008 server core

A few months back, I wrote a post with a few commands to get started with server core on Windows Server 2008. Since then, I’ve had some fun tweaking server core installations (including some cheekiness installing third party web servers and browsers).

Sander Berkouwer wrote a series of blog posts last summer that look at changing the look and feel of a server core installation:

  1. Changing regional and language options (international settings) as well as time and date options.
  2. Changing display settings such as screen resolution and color depth, screen saver, window and background colors, cleartype and windows dragging settings.
  3. Changing keyboard and mouse settings/cursors.
  4. Changing the splash screen, logon screen and tweaking the command prompt window.

Server core may be intended for core infrastructure servers in lights-out data centres but even so, some customisation can be useful. Sander’s notes should help most people get things started.

3 thoughts on “Customising Windows Server 2008 server core

  1. Thanks for this Michael – I was going to spend some time writing a script to perform all the common server core admin tasks… guess I don’t need to do that now ;-)

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