iPhone 2.0 screenshots (and why GPS on an iPhone is worthwhile)

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For a while now, there have been various third party screenshot utilities around for jailbroken iPhones but there is also a built in function in the iPhone 2.0 software (I haven’t tried on earlier versions). Just press the home and sleep keys together, the screen will briefly flash which, and a .PNG file will be created in the camera roll. Then hook the iPhone up to a computer with the supplied USB cable and use your chosen application to download the picture to the computer (just as you would for camera images). (via Alex Coles)

iPhone screenshot with GPS traceThe example image in this post showing the GPS trace for where I am sitting right now… and it’s only about 4 metres north-east from where I really am. For those people who say that GPS on the iPhone is unnecessary I’d point out that it’s a lot better than my v1.1.4 iPhone which thought I lived in a field about a mile and half south-east of here…

If I’m going to use location-aware services, I’d like them to be aware of where I am (rather than where the local farmer’s sheep are). That’s why GPS in an iPhone is worthwhile – regardless of time it takes to lock on (which seems to be a very long time) and the conseqential hit on battery life.

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