TechEd EMEA 2008: a round up of some of the Windows Server content

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Imagine the situation (purely hypothetical of course) – you work for a large company where the overseas travel approval process requires signoff at such a senior level that, even with a really good business case for conference attendance, it’s just too difficult to get approval…

Well, I didn’t make it to TechEd EMEA IT Pro this year (or any year recently – although that’s normally down to family commitments and this year the conference was a week earlier) – and that’s why there has been precious little TechEd content on this blog. I did spend a good chunk of this week catching up on my RSS subscriptions though and I came across some write-ups on some of the sessions that would have been of interest to me – sadly there are many more that I have missed.

Maybe I’ll make it to TechEd EMEA in Berlin next year but, in the meantime, videos from TechEd EMEA and the other TechEd events help around the world may be found at TechEd Online.

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