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As I put more and more of my portfolio onto Flickr, I’ve been looking for a decent Flickr application for my iPhone and my friend Karen recommended one last week.

Cooliris iPhone application browsing FlickrCalled Cooliris, the application is available both as a browser plugin and as an iPhone application and is actually far more capable than just a front-end application for a single website as it can be used to create a “3D wall” for searching and viewing media from a variety of sites.

I’m not so convinced about the full application (it looks nice, but a couple of quick searches failed to come up with content that I know exists); however it’s a pretty impressive as an iPhone application to browse my Flickr photostream!

2 thoughts on “Cooliris

  1. I love the IPhone applications that you can download at the minute. I have just downloaded the dailypuppy one and the restaurant finder one but was disappointed as I am not based in the USA.

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