Windows 7 edges closer to release

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I keep saying that I don’t really do news here… but I’m excited about Windows 7 I heard a whisper that Microsoft was going to announce ship dates at a conference in Taiwan tomorrow (thanks Dave). I also heard via the OEM channel that there would be a programme for Windows Vista to 7 upgrades on new PCs purchased this summer… which was supposed to be top secret but that’s been announced too.

According to the Windows Team Blog (breaking Microsoft’s own embargo on this news…) Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will RTM in July and Windows 7 will be in stores for 22 October. The blog post also confirmed that plans are in the works for a Windows 7 upgrade option program (with more details expected soon).

Other Windows 7 related developments in recent days include that:

I'm a PC - and I'm running Windows 7Notice that I said “when my netbook is rebuilt” – I may be playing with OS X on my S10e but that’s just a geek project and I expect it to be a Windows 7 machine again soon. Perhaps more significantly, my everyday notebook PC (upon which I depend to do my work) is already running the RC build of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (64-bit). I may be reticient to say “I’m a PC” (I also use Macs and Linux at home) but the accompanying graphic has appeared on a few e-mails in my Inbox this week and, at least for work, it’s entirely appropriate for me.

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