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I’ve had a pretty mad few weeks, as indicated by a relatively low number of blog posts of late – and a major part of this has been as a result of some changes at work, where I’ve picked up a new position as Client Devices Lead Architect whilst retaining my previous role as Microsoft Technology Lead. The exact details are probably best kept within our organisation (to avoid any blog/work conflicts of interest) but it does mean I’m going have to work hard on my time management… and in the short term, it sometimes means working some very long hours!

Some time ago, I mentioned an application, called pzizz, that I sometimes use to provide short focused, periods of relaxation. I was sceptical at first but I’ve really found pzizz useful on long drives across France (on family holidays) or, more recently, before setting out from the Thames Valley on the rush-hour drive back to my home a couple of hours away.

Using pzizz got a whole load easier recently because a version has been created for the iPhone and iPod Touch. pzizz relax is a cut-down version of the full desktop application but priced at a very reasonable £1.79. Like its grown up sibling, pzizz relax can be used to generate custom naps, including altering the soundtrack length and the voice/music split. Furthermore, each time pzizz is run, the soundtrack changes and there is an update planned with a few more tweaks.

pzizz is very difficult to describe without sounding a little “odd” so all I can say is to try it out (there are some MP3 samples on the website) and you may just find it helps you to get through the day with a little more energy.

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