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One of the coolest presents that I received this Christmas was from my wife, who is clearly fed up of me turning on a light to read whilst she is trying to sleep…

Really Tiny Book LightIt’s called the Really Tiny Book Light and it has a small LED light (powered by 3 LR41 batteries) that clips onto the outside cover of a book and can be directed onto the page, giving night-time readers enough light to read without illuminating the rest of the room.

It certainly seems to be effective – and sure beats my previous attempts at reading by torchlight.  I’m reliably informed that Mrs Christmas purchased mine from the elves at John Lewis.

9 thoughts on “Really tiny book light

  1. I got one of these last christmas from my wife as well. It works really well, but i kept falling asleep whilst i was reading so the batteries kept running out. Still, it very useful.

  2. Great Idea! Amazing gift for all the book readers . This is the first time am seeing such kind of small light.. Really its helpful even for students who used to study at night late hours without disturbing their parents without power problem too.. Thanks for your post.

  3. This is just what the doctor ordered. I like to read in bed with my huge teddy bear husband right next to me.

    Unfortunately, I have had trouble finding a reading lamp that didn’t disturb him.

    I think this may be the ticket.

    This way, I can feed my brain, and he can feed the dream fairies, and all will end well.

  4. I have to get me one of these because I always use the room light. Your wife’s gift was a very clever one.


  5. Excellently, just what I need to stop my wife from complaining about not getting enough sleep while I’m reading beside her at night. I bet she would gladly get rid of the lamp after I buy one..

  6. LOL, my wife also got me a reading light as a present and I’ve read an article about it here.

    It was an upgrade to my similar reading light that ran on LR41 batteries (button batteries)… they are too expensive in the long run and it’s really better to get an AAA reading light.

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