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Unlike many people, I quite like “new” Twitter (although it doesn’t seem that new any more!) – compared with “old” Twitter, the website is far more usable but it did lose one item of functionality – that of finding the RSS feed for your Twitterstream.

For those who think RSS is dead – it’s not dead – it’s just not something we have to think about too often (like HTTP) and (just like HTTP) it’s still a very useful technology. I think I once saw a response from Twitter that suggested browsers can identify RSS feeds in pages now, but all that seems to turn up is a feed of my favourites.

Anyway, Twitter came to my rescue on this one – not the website/API people, but the people who follow me (thanks guys).  And then I saw the same question asked again today, so I thought I should blog the answer.

Your Twitter stream is available at

So how do you get your Twitter user ID? Well, there’s a website that will help to get a Twitter ID from a username and your Twitter user number is also available in the properties displayed for your user on many Twitter clients. For me it’s 56967616 so my Twitter stream is at

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