Global Corporate Challenge 2011 (#2011gcc)

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Global Corporate ChallengeToday marks the start of the 2011 Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) and I’m really pleased to be a member of one the Fujitsu UK and Ireland teams that are taking part. The GCC is the world’s largest and most exciting corporate health initiative, in the form of a pedometer based walking challenge where employees engage in a virtual walk around the world for 16 weeks. I already walk from London Euston station to Baker Street (and back) on the days that I’m in the office but the GCC should help me get a little more active and shed some more pounds (which will help my Fit at 40 challenge), whilst competing against other teams (and hoping to beat our colleagues down under).

Based on an average of 12,000 steps per day, Fujistu UK and Ireland’s 15 teams should be able to acheive a total of 139,860,000 steps (89,510 km/55,619 miles) and:

  • Avoid 241.4 days of absenteeism.
  • Lose 525kg/1,157lbs in weight.
  • Increase our ability to handle stress by 40%.
  • Increase our quality of sleep by 40%.
  • Achieve an increase in overall health and wellbeing of 40%.
  • Including a 42% increase in energy.
  • Increasing productivity by 40%.

We’ll also avoid carbon emissions of 3.36 tonnes and the corporate sponsorship means that we’ll support some worthy causes too.

The Global Corporate Challenge runs until 6 September.

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